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Published in the Financial Standard's Print magazine and online news. 


I was brought on board to replace an Economist (!!) Apparently economist's can be a bit dry(??)in their explanations and the brief wasn't to analyse and come up with sound economic projections (thank God). 


My brief was to research what those clever pointy heads where saying and pull it all together in a cohesive and hopefully more entertaining manner. 


I had a ton of fun and a ton of success with my first forage in writing about world economies and share markets.It was in this role, I discovered that I can write about anything.


My editor said: 'If The Economist and Financial Times had a baby, it would be Suzy's daily economist column. Her humour and wit shines through her writing. Suffice to say, I'm a fan.' 


Scroll down for more of my columns and news bites: 


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