Short copy

I'm working extensively with digital short copy and micro copy (I confess to enjoying the former over the latter). 

However, although it's not rocket science and you certainly don't need a Masters Degree to write "click on [this] to do [that]", in my experience, it does take a little je ne sais quoi to achieve a compelling CTA or a good UX error message without exploding into an essay. 

Onboarding Qantas

Who doesn't like an extreme makeover, of anything really?

When I first arrived at Qantas I seemed to have foot-in-mouth disease and was thus prone to asking uncomfortable questions like "Why do all these pages look identical and say much the same stuff?"

During an early briefing,not enough that I visibly cringed at an overcrowded and over-colourful page on the overhead, I developed opinionated-Tourette's: "That page looks like someone threw a pizza at the screen." 

But helping Qantas' Aquire to become Qantas Business Rewards was a very exciting and challenging project to work on

Fortunately I didn't make any enemies with being outspoken and pizza page became a thing.

Qantas for Business

Everyone's in a hurry,users want to get in  and out as fast as possible. Slug-lines that tell the story in a few words and short sharp messaging are key on high level web pages, especially considering the high volume of users on mobile screens:

This iteration was my first pick - my thinking was that it showed an understanding and appreciation of the effort involved with growing a SME (small to Medium enterprise).
I also felt we'd hammered enough mileage out of the whole 'spirit of Australia/ Austalian business on other pages.


This was another iteration where my first pick differed from the business's stakeholders - it still works...

 ...but as a small business operator my first thoughts ran to this:

Turn your business overheads into Business Rewards