You seldom get to choose what you write about in advertising, it's part of the job to generate translatable excitement, or at least interest, in the products you're spruiking. 

I have a particular loathing for camping, hence the first line in this ad. It's exactly what I tell anyone who suggests I participate in roughing it. 

However, were I to try it again, I could see myself buying everything imaginable to turn camping into Glamping, perhaps investing in a generator or battery pack to plug in my hair-straightener. (Dont judge - you're not the one whose hair goes all Banshee-meets-electrocuted-poodle at the slightest hint of humidity.)

As a result of my loathing, I ended up having fun with this one - imagining how someone could sell me on the camping concept - what it would take.

It was late at night and this was the sixth ad of seven ads I had on deadline. 

Unfortunately at 10:03pm I looked at my last brief...

300-350 words on agricultural weed sprayers - that almost made me cry.

This advertorial, published over several weeks in GAT, Ms London and LAM magazines in London, had an overwhelming response enabling one of WilliamsLea’s largest single recruitment intakes.

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